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We are living in the era of global remix, the remix of every country’s politics, economies and cultures. Likewise, global business entities change their organization into multi-directional or matrix structure, moving away from one-directional trading structure.

Along with the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) between countries require businesses to actively adapt to change their strategy and perception towards the new business trends, and Ghilin fully understands those client’s needs and is ready to act and response promptly.

Ghilin Accounting Corporation promises our best practice and our constant effort to support client in fast-paced international business environment.

We obtain about 90 professionals, including Korean CPAs, US CPAs and Consultants.

We maintain offices in Seoul, Gwangju and Jeju Island and offer accounting and business expertise across a spectrum of industries including, but not limited to: manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, financial institution, IT and software, healthcare, real estate & investment, retail, and non-profit.

Ghilin focuses on assurance, tax, business process outsourcing and transaction service for multi-national mid size entities since 2009. Ghilin has been the best alternative to Big4 based on the reputation of core professionals who have years of experiences in Big4 and international accounting networks.

Our Vision
We provide our very best quality in every engagement, nuture the finest professionals and make our firm admired by our clients and competitors.
Change to Win
We well acknowledge
that change is a necessary element of growth.

Our strategic drivers are:

Profitable growth

- We communicate with client for their profitable and sustainable growth;

Royalty to client

- we provide optimal service that will add value in client's business;


- we nuture and maintain finest expertise in our workforce;

Process improvement

- and, we constantly improve our work process towrads excellency.

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